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Saudi Gelatin and Capsules Co

Where planning to establish a new industrial sector in the Kingdom

Saudi Gelatin and Capsules Co. was established as an extension of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project For Utilization Of Hady & Adahi.

The company aims to utilize the Slaughtering Adahi skin by extracting Halal organic materials and producing solid pharmaceutical capsules that target pharmaceutical companies in the MANIA region which sharia-compliant, and halal reliability by considering the sanctity and holiness of Mecca, Hajj season, and Muslim consumers across the world, protection environment, and the health of the holy city to keep up with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 through localizing the industry, raising non-oil revenues and developing exports.

Our Vision

We strive to be the leading brand in the Halal organic food and pharmaceuticals industries.

Our Mission

We aspire for constant improvement and development and in producing of Halal organic materials of the highest standards.

Our Values

  • Generating innovation and development opportunities
  • Supporting strategic partnerships
  • Following safety and quality standards
  • Enforcing transparency, accountability and responsibility
  • Focusing on human capital development

Our Pillars



We seek a full integration of information resources and specialized national personnel to obtain the highest specialty standards and develop the staff in all our management departments, to enhance the provided services.



We strive to enhance our decision-making environment by setting up an efficient governance framework that provides control and protects mutual interests with high transparency. We could enforce the best practices and solid performance to achieve our goals. Moreover, we also look forward to investing in our staff and creating a healthy work environment that can accommodate the latest business trends.



We aim to identify and apply performance indicators on all of our services to have a better evaluation of the results to compare them with the expected returns. We intend to use this assessment to develop our operations and achieve the highest standards.