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Our Factories

1. Gelatin Factory

According to international standards and measurements, the company produces different gelatin grades of superior quality in terms of hardness, viscosity, and degree of purity, to achieve customers’ satisfaction and aspirations at all levels. Thus, it achieved the best quality standards by obtaining the Halal certificate and ISO 22000 and 9001 and passing the stages of quality control and assurance to ensure that the product reaches the consumer at the required level.

Advantages of Gelatin Factory

  • The only Halal-based factory in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.
  • The only factory that extracts gelatin from goat and sheep skins, with results that conform to Standard Specifications.
  • Localizing a unique local industry according to the 2030 vision.

2. Capsules Factory

The company produces hard gelatin capsules used in the pharmaceutical industries. The capsules industry is one of the rare industries that require an advanced level of technologies, equipment, facilities and human expertise. The factory targets all pharmaceutical companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and the region. It is also characterized by high quality due to the supply chains approved by the company with international standards and halal reliability in addition to good manufacturing and ISO systems and finally building all of the above to achieve customer requirements.

Advantages of capsules factory

  • The first factory in Saudi Arabia and the only factory in the Gulf.
  • The latest global technology for manufacturing equipment.
  • The technical staff’s experiences exceeded twenty years in the capsules’ industry, being the first factory to create capsules in the entire area.
  • The only factory in the region that uses automatic sorting with the highest global technology, which guarantees the product is 100% error free.