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Our Products

1. Raw Gelatin

It is a semi-solid, transparent, tasteless, and odorless gel protein. Gelatin is extracted from different sources: animal (animal skins and bones), plant (marine algae), and fish. Gelatin is classified according to the degree of Bloom (the hardness of gelatin). The Saudi Company for Gelatin and Capsules produces all grades (from 150 to 260). They are packed according to the customer’s request in different packages.

The use of gelatin is classified into:

Food gelatin: Used in most food industries (sweets – juices – jelly – ice cream – meat products – dairy products).

Medicinal gelatin: Used in the manufacture of all kinds of pharmaceutical capsules (hard-soft).

Industrial Gelatin: Used for some purposes such as glue and photography.

2. Hard Gelatin Capsules

It is the pharmacological form of the drug’s safe form and has the advantage of the ease of swallowing and rapid absorption. Gelatin is used in different shapes and ranges from 5 to 000.

Other organic products (under development)

3. Collagen

It is one of the main proteins on which muscle tissue, skin, hair, and vital organs depend. It has medical uses in plastic surgery, orthopedics, and the treatment of joint stiffness.